In the centre of Gorlice

Date : January 13, 2019

Stress related with the transportation and assembly of the exhibition is finally over. Now it’s time to recharge flat batteries…

Weather conditions were worrying: snow, freezing temperature and ice on the roads. Suddenly, all the landscape beauty ​​of the region in which I live become sort of a trap (steep road down the hill, further up to the hill, then downhill and again – steeply on the Gorlice market square hill) … Fortunately, we got to the Museum. The exhibition is finally hung and ready to be visited. It is all displayed in the “Sala Kameralna”, on the ground floor. The photographs are hung at the appropriate height, adjusted both for statistical size of women and men, as well as for persons using wheelchairs. Therefore, I strongly encourage people with disabilities to visit the exhibition. The institution, unfortunately, does not yet have comfortable driveways. There is one stair, which can cause a problem. That’s why I recommend the assistance of a relative or a phone call to the Museum to inform employees. They will help in overcoming this barrier.

During the opening, I have already thanked all the Institutions and Companies supporting the project. At this point, I would like to thank also individually those, without whom help I would not be able to transport my works: Mr Wiktor Durlak, Mr Bartłomiej Krawczyk and Mr Henryk ‘Jupiter’ Święs. I would like to especially thank to Mr Święs –  not only for transportation but also for a “divine perspective”, without which I would not make a certain photograph in Nowy Sącz 😉

I am attaching a few shots, inviting you one more time to visit the exhibition. It will last until 13th February 2019.

Next editions of the exhibition will be shown in Przemyśl and Bratislava. Details will be published soon.

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