Lake, Symmetriad

Date : July 4, 2021

It was May, peppermint in the air… and it took me to England’s Lakeland.

A rainy greeting. It was raining quite hard, although not all the time (as in the UK).

I drove around and soaked up the surrounding landscape: Windermere, Grasmere, Keswick, Honister Pass, Buttermere…

In this lonely journey, I had an impression for a moment that I heard Słowacki in English

or English Słowacki, Wordsworth, but this was just an echo…

And so the first and second days passed. After sunset, I settled down by the lake and fell asleep.

The stars woke me up. Silence. The water was so still.

I looked at the lake and saw two moons. My eyes said goodbye to them and they disappeared over the mountain ridge.

2 Moons © Krzysztof Ligęza
2 Moons © Krzysztof Ligęza

And there was luminous darkness…

Night Symmetriad
Night Symmetriad © Krzysztof Ligęza

The third day and morning greeted me with a mist as thick as milk. I paddled in the water, listening.

Suddenly, the whole landscape began to change: the mists’ vapors curled up into a strange spiral. The clouds pierced the light. The valley took on color.

The Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

The beauty of the beginning of a new day for a moment symbolically represented the repeated act of creation.

Lake Daytime Symmetriad © Krzysztof Ligęza Lake District
Daytime Symmetriad © Krzysztof Ligęza

After a while, everything stopped. Then I heard a greeting from a man on the shore of the lake, who saw me taking pictures:

– Hi! Did you take it?! I have been visiting this place every few weeks for the last 15 years, but I have not seen anything like today.


Well, in the next 12 years I also have not seen anything like that…

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