Mr Roman (1941-2021)

Date : November 2, 2021

On All Souls’ Day, I would like to mention Mr Roman.

In 2012 I drew him in the field, at the Patria plane:

Pole(s) – Mr Roman

Mr Roman, 2012 © Krzysztof Ligęza
Mr Roman, 2012 © Krzysztof Ligęza

Mr Roman was not a virtual photon. He was a photographer.
We saw each other a few times.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Later I had the opportunity to visit him in his home, which remembered World War I.
Entering inside, my “glass and eye” noted multiple details.
Inside the house “feelings and faith” prompted reflection.
Yes, there was something there that cannot be found in the brand new “palaces” for sure…
In front of the house, there were beautiful trees.
So I filled my memory card in a minute or so…

Mr Roman, Pole(s) 2018 © Krzysztof Ligęza
Mr Roman, 2018 © Krzysztof Ligęza

The first photograph of Mr Roman I took when he was going to the cemetery.  

The last one – on his way home.To his Father’s house …

O Lord, let perpetual light shine upon him.

Funeral of Mr Roman, 2021 © Krzysztof Ligęza
Funeral of Mr Roman, 2021 © Krzysztof Ligęza

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