Due to the great interest of visitors I am pleased to announce that the exhibition Negotiating identityBetween real and virtual in the 21st century photography, shown at FOTO-GEN gallery, Wrocław, will be extended till 12th of October 2018.

Additionally, a curator guided tour will take place on Saturday, 22nd of September at 12.13. The curator,  dr Krzysztof Jurecki, will be speaking on the exhibition and individual works (including the broader context of art history) and will be accompanied by one of the authors – Tadeusz Prociak.

I also recommend watching the short film made by the Art & Culture Center in Wrocław on the exhibition. In addition to Krzysztof Jurecki, the following artists appear in it: Ji Hyun Kwon, Kamila Rosińska, Leszek Żurek and myself:

Just to remind that the exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue that can be purchased in the gallery.

FOTO-GEN Gallery

Domek Romański – Dom Panien Trzebnickich (Romanesque House)

Plac Biskupa Nankiera 8 (Bishops’ Nankier Square)
50-140 Wrocław, Poland

Opening: 24.08.2018 at 6PM.

Exhibition is open: 24.08-12.10.2018.

Opening hours:

Tuesday–Friday: 10AM–6PM.
Saturday-Sunday 11AM–7PM.

Getting to FOTO-GEN gallery on Google Maps plus virtual tour:

Click here

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