Please accept my invitation to the photographic exhibition Negotiating identity. Between real and virtual in the 21st century photography. It will be shown at FOTO-GEN gallery based in the remains of oldest residential building in Wrocław (Poland) – The Romanesque House (Domek Romański – Dom Panien Trzebnickich). The opening will take place 24th of August at 6PM. The show will be open till 12 October 2018.

Exhibition poster by A. Szuba
Exhibition poster by A. Szuba

I will exhibit chosen prints from the Axis mundi: roadside shrines and crosses as well as 3D views in high resolution.

I have a pleasure to show my work together with the following artists:

Simon Crofts (GB), Sylwia Kowalczyk (PL/GB), Ji Hyun Kwon (KOR/DE), Tadeusz Prociak (PL), Kamila Rosińska (PL/GB), Michaela Spurna (CZ), Magdalena Samborska (PL), Leszek Żurek (PL).

The curator of the exhibition is a well-known critic and art historian, dr Krzysztof Jurecki, who is also the author of the text for the accompanying catalogue.

As dr Jurecki informs:

The exhibition is focused on the problem of identity. Its constant definition is still a very important problem for the contemporary culture. The categories such as the nation, society and, consequently, art disappear without the concept of identity. The issue of identity is reflected in its various aspects: ranging from discovering the value of the metaphor of the theoretically simple and archaic world (Simon Crofts), or globalized (Tadeusz Piotr Prociak), to looking at its development through the prism of the child (Michael Spurna). Another point of view is examined by Kamil Rosińska, who is looking for her spirituality in African animism or Ji Hyun Kwon investigating the problem of “guilt” of culturally different people. Neofeminism (Magdalena Samborska) also refers to the category of identity, but on a different basis, using the masking of the individual personality, which is a bit common with wiping the memory, and thus identity, in the works of Sylwia Kowalczyk. Leszek Żurek has been striving for years in the direction of imaginative photography, referring to the documentary tradition, to address the problem of blurring the local identity. Krzysztof Ligęza documents the customs and life of an authentic religious cult in Suthern Poland (Subcarpathia) in his Roadside shrines series, thus designating the local “axis mundi”.”

And there is no need to add that it is all well worth seing in person.

I would like to inform also that all of my works were made thanks to God, patient support of my Parents and funding of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland (scholarship for 2018).

Scholarship of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland for 2018

3D views were developed thanks to the kindness of the Kolor|GO PRO, the maker of the Panotour PRO software.

Negotiating identity. Between real and virtual in the 21st century photography

FOTO-GEN Gallery

Domek Romański – Dom Panien Trzebnickich (Romanesque House)

Plac Biskupa Nankiera 8 (Bishops’ Nankier Square)
50-140 Wrocław, Poland

Opening: 24.08.2018 at 6PM.

Exhibition is open: 24.08-12.10.2018.

Opening hours:

Tuesday–Friday: 10AM–6PM.
Saturday-Sunday 11AM–7PM.

Getting to FOTO-GEN gallery on Google Maps plus virtual tour:

Click here

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