Pole(s) – Mr Mieczysław

Date : February 15, 2017

Pole(s) series

2010 was (not only to me) very special. Having one foot „here” and the other „there”, after a few years of emigration I decided to re-emigrate, with a firm commitment to undertake the measurement only the fields that electrify me the most.

The word become flesh. My definition of measurement was associated with a reduction in uncertainty and based on more than one observation. In the beginning was the Polna (Field town) – configuration space of all important fields for me. The radius measurement was determined as 33 km. The method was numeric and concerned random variable.

On my way to Polna I met Mr Mieczysław, who slowly and somewhat ponderously was heading home. His shopping bags weight reflected in his slightly tilted posture. My first measurement was discrete. Due to certain turmoil in space and time the next measurement date was pushed aside. In 2015, I found out, unfortunately, that Mr. Mieczyslaw was lost…


Those of you who have any information about the missing, please contact the Police Dept in Gorlice on: +48 18 35 48 225


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