Pole(s) – Mr Roman

Date : February 19, 2017

8th October 2012, 17:43. A red particle moves on the image plane along the line of the hill towards the cemetery with (literally) a very patriotic name (known and used by locals in Latin) – the field where fallen soldiers of 3 armies rest.

Krzysztof Ligeza photography Ligęza

The distance between us, in a straight line, was about 500 m. During the „particle” movement – with help of my photon detector – I dropped it and boxed into potential well (1). Driven by curiosity, however, probably inherited from my grandfather Stefan, after this event I began to think about space & time barriers between us on both ends. Who was this man and was there any chance to meet him again? Was the probability smaller than flipping heads 1000 times in a row instead of tails, in 2000 trial during coin flipping, or maybe higher than that? Coin flipping ends (usually) in 2 ways. Flipping my own, I decided I am going to try to find him and speak to him.



That thought undergone actualization 45 months later.

– Good evening.

– Good evening.

– My name is Krzysztof Ligęza. I have been fortunate to find you and would like to take a picture of you. Can I come in?

– ???


After a meaningful pause however we started to smile and finally talk with Mr. Roman, who is also Francis, of random variables. During the conversation it turned out that his wife, Janina, is the daughter of my granddad’s sister (grand’s wife name, incidentally, is also Janina), and himself is a photographer and a sacristan. Inevitably, the next conversation topics were the important role of the image resolution and his red jacket in the process of my perception, and also stories related to his old cameras and photographs on the shelf, as well as an important theme of a sincere dislike to photography of most photographers families… We talked so nicely that we agreed to another meeting, so I could find out again if Mr Roman is not just a virtual photon; perform alternative photo session and also have a better view of his house, which was built during the World War I.


Just to mention, the “Pole(s)” series is a homage to my uncle Roman, who in 1977, in an accident, was killed by electric shock and I have never had a chance to meet him.

(1) Graph source: Wikipedia.

For your research, a well as “particle in a box”.

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