<em>Axis mundi: roadside shrines & crosses</em>

Axis mundi: roadside shrines & crosses

In 2019 the project will be shown during series of exhibitions. I recommend your eyes to rest from sreens and invite you to visit my shows.

Interested to see more? See the exhibitions views or email me and I will provide you a password for portfolio.
<em>Brickwork I</em>

Brickwork I

Series on destruction of the brickwork of Stróże, Poland. The last transport of bricks was used for expanding the local church.
<em>Brickwork II</em>

Brickwork II

Series on expanding the local church in Stroże, an "axis mundi" of the local community, which has been built of the last transport of bricks from currently non-existing brickwork.


Poles among poles. Neurolinguistic-probabilistic theory of field in light of wave–particle duality. Homo electricus: problems and challenges of identity in an era of global energy transfer.