Sand mountains

Date : February 8, 2021
Sand Mountains Collectors prints Krzysztof Ligęza limited edition

Sand mountains © Krzysztof Ligęza

It is no secret that the Sądecczyzna region (Southern Poland) is the centre of my “life interest” and creative activity. The gentle hills of the Pogórze (Foothills), covered with a dense net of fields, the wooded Beskids and the Tatra Mountains looming in the distance. I remember this landscape from my early age and I would like to see this image in front of my eyes at the moment of the last blink…

Nevertheless, I remember what a surprise and joy it was when perceived the image of the endless sea (opposite part – north of Poland) for the first time in my life. The childish impression of the infinity of the Baltic Sea can make you smile today, but back then it was something extraordinary. Another world… But I did not reach the dunes. I missed it out somehow and I cannot even remember why. Years later, I had opportunity to see other seas. Even today I can walk in the dark on a large part of the Welsh and English coasts (both very picturesque), although there are many tides behind, and the distance is quite large…

Last year, after 35 years, I visited a “desert” that I did not reach in my childhood. Perhaps I saw there only what others saw but maybe not only that… All in all – I was able to make a photographic record of the “sandy mountains” image.

The mentioned image, along with others, can be found: here – as a collectors’ version. These will also appear on the blog from time to time. Not all the photographs are included in my portfolio. Contrary to how all of this may look, it is not that easy to sort these images out…

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