The Cornerstone

Date : December 9, 2019
Cornerstone Brickwork series Krzysztof Ligęza
From "Brickwork" series © Krzysztof Ligęza
From "Brickwork" series © Krzysztof Ligęza
From "Brickwork" series © Krzysztof Ligęza

 “This sacred temple began to be built after the glorious resurrection brought to Poland by the cruel World War I, when the Church of God was successfully led by Pope Benedict XV (…)” – it was written in the act of laying the cornerstone of the Blessed Virgin Mary The Queen of Poland Church in Stróże, Poland, 8th September 1919.

The above text was found almost 100 years later, in a heavily corroded tube (time capsule), during construction works related to the extension of the temple – connecting its old part with the new one. 15th October 1918 Pope Benedict XV addressed the Proclamation to the Polish Nation, in which he wrote: “The history wrote in gold letters the merits of Poland towards the Christian religion and European civilization, but – unfortunately! – also had to write down how Europe vilely repaid her for it. Violently stripping Poland of her political personality, moreover, in some parts, it also attempted to tear down her Catholic faith and nationality. However, with admirable resistance, the Poles were able to maintain both. At present, having survived the persecution, longer than the entire century, Poland always faithful (Polonia semper fidelis) shows more vitality than ever. (…) However, let us address the infinite thanksgiving to the Lord that the dawn of the resurrection of Poland has finally risen! We warmly wish you that Poland – having regained its full independence – could as soon as possible, among other countries, take the right place and further develop its history of a civilized and Christian nation. (…) “. 

The history later, as we know, became more tragic…

I am slowly finishing my “Brickwork” series – history written by light. A few thousand images were made and gathered during these “light years”… Perhaps they will fit in two book editions.

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