Snow Wave 1

Snow Wave 1,

Poland, from Trees-Shadows-Dreaming.

Collectors, limited edition print. 

Edition I: image: 15 x 15 cm, frame: 20 x 20cm, limited edition of 5 (+2AP).
Edition II: image: 30 x 30 cm, frame: 40 x 40cm, limited edition of 7 (+2AP).
Edition III: image: 60 x 60 cm, frame: 70 x 70cm, limited edition of 5 (+2AP).

Technical detalis - materials

  • Archival pigment print on baryta paper.
  • Artist signature by pencil on the reverse of the print.
  • Certificate of authenticity with image details attached.
  • Framing: acid free “sandwich” mat, acid free backing board, plus aluminium frame with standard/museum (antireflective) glass.


Individual exhibitions:

2017: Trees-Shadows-Dreaming, International Photography Festival, Białystok Interphoto 2017, Białystok, PL.
2014: Trees-Shadows-Dreaming, Muzeum Dwór Karwacjanów i Gładyszów (Karwacjans’ & Gładysz Manor), Gorlice, PL.
2012: Land–ScapesGaleria Fotografii (Photography Gallery), Kraków, PL.

Group exhibitions
2011: Romantic, Galeria Fotografii (Photography Gallery), Kraków, PL.

Collectors’ FAQ

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All the images shown in the portfolioblog and this page are available as prints, that are made according to highest collectors standards, in limited editions.

  • In my work I use pigment ink printing technology, which is very stable in terms of lightfastness. Properly exhibited and stored prints can last couple centuries.
  • The printing process is carried out under my severe and strict supervision.
  • For matting and framing purposes I use acid-free materials – the highest museum grade.
  • I mostly use alluminium frames as these are (unlike wood) acid free.
  • Mat boards (passe-partout) are available in various colours (not only white).

Photography as a medium allows to make many prints of the recorded image. Limited edition means a definite, strict set of prints. Apart from these, no more will be ever created.

For the purposes of the work development (test prints, etc.), exhibitions or own archival purposes, the artist can make also the so-called artist proofs. They are marked with the “AP” abbreviation and are included in the description of the edition, e.g. “limited edition of 11 (+ 2AP)”.

Sometimes the works are available in several sizes. The author then applies the appropriate markings, taking into account the size, e.g:

  • Edition I: 30x45cm – 1/11 (+ 2AP). This designation should be read as follows: the first work out of 11 available, plus 2 artist proofs (outside the edition).
  • Edition II: 90x60cm – 2/5 (+ 2AP), which means the second work from 5 available, plus 2 artist proofs (outside the edition).

Once the individual copies are sold, the price of the subsequent increases.

For more details and availability please email me.

Each photograph is signed and there is an authenticity certificate given along with detailed info describing:

  • title,
  • place & date of when the image was taken,
  • printing date,
  • info on used materials (paper, printing method etc.),
  • size,
  • number and edition size (e.g. 1/11 or 1/5).

Depending on proportions I usually use the following sizes:

  • 15 x 15 cm
  • 30 x 30/20 cm
  • 45 x 30 cm
  • 60 x 60 cm
  • 70 x 60 cm
  • 90 x 60 cm.

These are just examples as sometimes I make panoramic or unusual formats. 

Please email me for more details and availability.

  • Selected prints can be purchased framed or unframed. There is no size limit for the unframed works.
  • For matting and framing purposes I use acid-free materials – the highest museum grade.
  • I usually use proven aluminum frames. One of the reasons is their neutrality, thanks to which they do not affect prints over time. Their physical properties (strength) are also important. Although their weight can be seen as disadvantage. 
  • In the case if you are planning to frame my prints by your own, I would require a detailed description of process that will be used (materials, method etc.). Not all framing companies have adequate training and knowledge of the principles of how to frame photographic prints. Most of them usually frame paintings. It’s a “different story” what makes a big difference.
  • I have spent a lot of time and put great effort into the process of creating my photographs. I don’t want them to be destroyed by someone’s inattention or ignorance.

All the available works can be sent as mounted & framed or unframed prints.

  • The unframed ones are sent flat – covered by acid free polyester. Additionally the print is also packed in foam boards and carboard what minimizes the risk of damage. The used materials are safe to the print (chemically neutral). There is no size limit for the unframed works.
  • The framed works can be sent internationally up to the 55 x 40 cm size – both with the standard glass or plexiglas (acrylic).
  • For sizes 90 x 60 cm and larger, shipping can be problematic (costs + risk of breakage). I would recommend use of plexiglas, alternatively – dedicated shipping boxes or, if possible, personal collection.
  • The parcel is insured. In the event of damage or destruction of the print during transportation, a money refund or replacement will be offered wheras possible (unless the work is unique).

It all depends on the availability (print and me) and whether you wish the work to be framed or not.

Generally, this period should not last more than 2 weeks.

I recommend contacting me via email for all the details required.