New book Expansion of Blessed Virgin Mary church Stróże Krzysztof Ligeza

It is done. Finally. Officially.

Quite a big brick related to my Brickwork series (part II)…

Unofficially, the book design was ready quite a long time ago (I forgot to change the date in the imprint before final printing). In the meantime, coronavirus “popped out” and all the deadlines have shifted…

Brief description of the book & technical details - click to expand

Photobook on the expansion of the church of The Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of Poland in Stróże. Community edition related to the personal project – Brickwork.

In 1910 a brickworks was opened in Stróże, Southern Poland. The bricks produced there were used to build a local church. The preparation started in 1917. The construction process began in 1918 – that year Poland regained independence after 123 years. In 2012 the brickworks was shut down and than destroyed in 2014. The last batch of bricks was used to expand the church. The added part took the place of the former school. The old part of the temple was renovated, then united with the new one.

The book contains photographs showing the expansion process and the parish community life (2010-2020), archival images (1910-1957), as well as facsimile.

Technical details:
● Size: 30x22cm, landscape format.
● 256 pages.
● 309 photographs: 271 by Krzysztof Ligęza, 22 by parish members, 16 archival – development process (2010-2020), archival images (1910-1957), documents (facsimile).
● Cover: hardcover, soft touch.
● High printing detail: 450 lines per inch (lpi)
● 170 g paper.
● ISBN 978-83-950342-1-3.
● Edition: 1000 copies.
● Published: 2020.

From the moment I took a few first frames until finishing the book editing, an ennead passed. After supplementing the “collection” with photographs that I was not able to take at the given time, the work timescale and the horizon of work, thus the events of the perceptible world, expanded to a decade. Archives and some project documentation (facsimile) were added also… My concept changed slightly during the work, hence I decided to publish this community edition first. More on this – next time. Despite the gravitational field is bothering me more and more, the theme has not been closed yet and I believe that the next edition will be published, shedding some more light…

Coming back to the light and the image… I am very happy with the quality of this edition. The detail of 450 lines per inch (lpi) is addictive (175/210 lines per inch is normally used in offset printing). I hope all of my next books will be made in the same standard.

Scan of the book page – high-quality offset printing: 450 lines per inch. Even at 200% zoom, the detail is limited only by the paper’s structure.

Zoom in and check it out. Wait until the image is fully loaded. Double click releases the full screen.

Scan of the book page – standard quality offset printing: 175 lines per inch.

Zoom in and check it out. Wait until the image is fully loaded. Double click releases the full screen.

I would like to thank father Stanisław Betlej for enabling me the opportunity of publishing this book and for archival images. A big thank you needs to be addressed to my Parents for their invaluable support.

I would also like to thank the following people for passing me the photographs that were used in the book: Ryszard Sędzik (photographs from 2010-2012), Jerzy Liszka (photographs from 2010), Sławomir Dziadzio (archival image from 1910-1944), Alicja Łukasik (archival image from 1930), father Włodzimierz Chwałek (photograph from 2013), Michał Potok (photograph from 2014)

There is a short foreword in Polish. Other than this the images need no translation.

The book can be purchased via my website:

Or Parafia pw. NMP Królowej Polski
Stróże 38
33-331 Stróże, Poland,

tel. +48 (18) 44 51 887